You can submit in 5 easy steps:

  1. Become a Member/Create a Profile: We are on an annual calendar year renewal system now. All memberships expired December 31, 2017 so you will need to rejoin in order to access the member submission rate. Click here to become a member and start your submission. OR, create a profile that will enable you to submit as a Non-Member.
  2. Set Up your Account: Once you have set up your account (Member or Non-Member), you will receive a Welcome email in your inbox. Click the link to set up your password.
  3. Submit: click here, enter your information and payments.
  4. Confirmation: check your inbox for confirmation of payment and a link to upload your images.
  5. Upload: drag and drop your 5 images and complete the form with your personal information. Please note: the file format should be “first-lastname.jpg” – cannot have any other special characters like dots nor spaces as it will not upload properly. Maximum file size is 10MB.

Members Save

Among the many benefits of being a part of the Artists’ Network community, there are specific benefits that apply to submissions:

1. Automatic Acceptance for Early Bird Members

We value our members – if you are an Artists’ Network member and have shown in the Riverdale ArtWalk in 2017, you are automatically eligible to participate in this year’s shows. You MUST be a member at the time of submission. Applies to Early Bird submissions only.

2. Save Money!

If you are applying for both shows, your membership is basically subsidized.

Early Bird Regular Submission
Member Non-Member Remote Member Member Non-Member Remote Member
RAW 325 400 325 375 450 375
AWS 325 400 400 375 450 450
Membership 150 0 75 150 0 75
TOTAL PAID 800 800 800 900 900 900

NOTE: Members can receive a discount up to the value of their membership. For Remote artists, if you are applying to both Riverdale ArtWalk AND ArtWalk in the Square, you will get a discount on the FIRST show applied to.

3. Join the Community!

Submission Criteria:

The Artists’ Network welcomes your interest in participating in the Riverdale ArtWalk / ArtWalk in the Square. Please note that this is a Fine Art Show. One of the reasons that artists like participating in the Artists’ Network outdoor shows is that we are strict with regards to only accepting Fine Art. Over the years, technology and processes have changed and we have been asked by the artist community to outline our criteria. This is not intended to limit anyone’s ability to show and sell their work, only to ensure that the high standard of art showcased by all artists is what you expect. As such the following rules apply:

  1. All work must be original and executed by the accepted artist. No functional art; mugs, bowls, posters, pillows, books, jewelry, T-shirts or other clothing or home décor is permitted.
  2. Photographs and digital works must be signed by the artist and appropriately numbered indicating a limited number of prints of no more than 100. Only one version of each image may be displayed at a time.
  3. Reproductions of non-photographic or digital work (i.e. – reproductions or prints of original paintings) may occupy a maximum of 15% of booth area (approximately ½ wall). They are to be numbered and labeled as reproductions. Open Editions (not numbered) are permitted; however only 1 version of each reproduction may be shown at a time. Notecards may be shown in multiples and are included within the 15% limitation.
  4. Artists are permitted to have non-conforming work in a portfolio to show to prospective buyers.
  5. Exhibited work must be consistent with the images submitted by the artist and must conform to the event guidelines.
  6. All decisions on the suitability of art to be displayed made by the Artists’ Network or its representatives are final. The accepted artists are expected to co-operate fully with the Network.  Exhibitors will be monitored by the Artists’ Network and its representatives and we reserve the right to remove any questionable or non-approved art from the show. Any artist who violates the rules, is uncooperative or who demonstrates abusive behaviour may be asked to leave the show and will forfeit the right to participate in any future shows.