How to Sell Art: SPEAKERS

Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, has a unique legacy in the art world, inheriting his passion from a lineage of artists, including his father, the acclaimed oil painter John Horejs. Unlike many who are drawn to the brush and canvas, Jason was fascinated by the business dynamics of art from an early age. This interest was nurtured through hands-on experience, starting with crafting canvas stretchers for his father at twelve and evolving into a full-fledged career by seventeen when he immersed himself in the operations of a prominent Western art gallery in Scottsdale. His journey through various facets of gallery operations, from logistics to sales, laid the foundation for his eventual role as a pivotal figure in the art community.

In 2001, Jason and his wife Carrie founded Xanadu Gallery, quickly establishing it as a central hub for art collectors globally and a showcase for major municipal and private collections. Identifying a critical gap in the market for artist education regarding gallery representation, Jason launched a series of marketing workshops in 2008 aimed at equipping artists with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the gallery system. These workshops evolved into two best-selling books and the Art Business Academy, where Jason personally mentors artists, helping them achieve gallery representation and significantly boost their sales. His dedication not only enriches the lives of artists and collectors but also cements his role as a visionary in bridging the gap between artistic passion and commercial success.


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