Get Involved

As a member-dependent organization, we are reliant on our member volunteers to help run the organization. We are a non-profit network, and our membership dues are set up to cover the essentials: our office and gallery space, and the finances we need to pay an office administrator and show producer. All other roles are filled by volunteer artists.

All of our exciting events require some volunteer participation, whether it’s at the governance level, or helping to hang a show, or stuff envelopes with registration information.  This is part of the teaching our members better business skills; it provides members with a glimpse of what is required behind the scenes to produce successful art events.

In addition to the value that you are giving back to the organization, volunteering is another opportunity for networking and meeting others in our art community. We can say from experience that usually, there is a good deal of laughter involved…!

Here are the areas we will expect and ask our members to involve themselves with, at some point, to give back to the Network:

  • Education:
    Working with a committee to come up with program content for our members.
  • Programming:
    Helping to discover pop-up show opportunities across the city and the scheduling of the calendar of exhibition for the year.
  • Governance:
    Board of Directors, to oversee corporate operations.
  • Marketing & Communications:
    Graphic design skills, tech skills, social media, copywriters to provide content for local media, website, etc.
  • Membership:
    Helping to recruit new members at other shows, through other arts organizations.
  • Artists’ Network Gallery:
    What better way to learn how to work with galleries than to volunteer at our own gallery. Plan and install exhibitions, work with other artists and groups.
Riverdale ArtWalk

Juried – exposure – learn what’s expected from Artists’ Network pre-show workshop – meet other artists – help you cull and organize your inventory of work – moral and physical support from the AN and members – gets you “off the fence” about exhibiting – not a competition – extremely well run – well promoted – well respected – did I mention exposure, exposure, exposure.”

David Johns