The Artists’ Network is especially dependant upon the gracious help of non-member volunteers at critical show times. Like most artist-run organizations in Canada, we need volunteers to help us fill that gap between exhibitors and administration, and we acknowledge that we couldn’t do these shows without our wonderful volunteer helpers!

For those with high-school aged children, this is applicable toward their volunteer hours. For those who just love to be around art and artists, this is your chance to meet like-minded people, and perhaps forge a friendship or two!

  • Energetic, friendly volunteers are usually needed in these areas:
  • Assisting with the load-in and load-out of the exhibition
  • Artist support during the exhibition
  • Information booth and artist registration
  • Pre-exhibition postering and event guide distribution (ongoing)

To volunteer your time, for shows or at other times of the year, please email us or call 416-465-0302. When we call upon you to volunteer, a detailed list of what is required and the time involved will be provided.