Education Seminars & Workshops

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Our goal at the Artists’ Network is to provide tools and opportunities for artists to use to continue to build their art practice. In order to provide access to artists across Canada, we are continuing to deliver these sessions via Zoom.

Our monthly Education sessions via Zoom are FREE to members and only $25 for non-members to attend. We ask for 5 minutes of your time to rate the following education session ideas on a scale of 1-5. There is an open question at the end if you have any ideas of other sessions you would like us to explore or if you can run a topic you feel might be of interest to the artist community. We will use the feedback to create our 2023 education calendar!


How to Create a Strong Submission

Thursday, January 26, 2023

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Speakers: Angela Lane & Kate Taylor

Photographing Your Art

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Speaker: David McClyment

Moderator: Nikkole LeBrun

HUMANTIME: A Really Big Picture about Art

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Speaker: Martha Johnson

HUMANTIME: Your Part in the Really Big Picture (PART II)

Saturday, April 8, 2023

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Speaker: Martha Johnson


DECEMBER 7, 2022

Helping your Clients Build and Hang their Art Collection

Panelist(s): Jodi Wheeler, Tamara Robbin Griffith

Whether you are a collector or an artist who hangs their art for a client, the placement of the art is critical to the overall look of a space. Join our panel of interior designers and professional installers for tips and tricks to get it just right, how to give suggestions and encourage clients to build a diverse collection of art. Overcoming barriers – hanging heavy or large art.

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Creating Alternative Revenue Streams

Speakers: Diane Montreuil, Elizabeth Sutton & Julia Veenstra
Moderator:    Kate Taylor

Selling prints or functional merchandise is a great way for artists to supplement their income. Having multiple revenue streams allows artists to leverage an online store and to weather the economic ups and downs, ensuring you have items to sell when higher priced original art may be more challenging. Join us as the panel discussed multiple options and why they chose to sell items in addition to their original work.

OCTOBER 26, 2022

Selling your Art without Selling out!

Speakers: Jessica Lin (Residency: Toronto, Portugal, Paris), Vicki Carruthers (Residency: France) and Cherie Harte (Residency: Toronto)
Moderator:    Laraine

So, you got accepted into a show….now what? Learning how to connect to potential buyers is critical but does not come easily to many artists. If you struggle to ‘sell’ your work, we invite you to learn from our panel of artists who will share tips to talk about your work in an authentic way….and make the sale…both in-person and online!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

 Using Artist Residencies to Grow your Art

Speakers: Jessica Lin (Residency: Toronto, Portugal, Paris), Vicki Carruthers (Residency: France) and Cherie Harte (Residency: Toronto)
Moderator:    Laraine

Residencies allow artists to commit 100% of their time to developing a new body of work or to explore a new direction. This focused time and energy can reinvigorate your practice. Join our panel as they share their residency experiences.

AUGUST  3, 2022

Embracing Traditional Learning Through Art

Speaker: Josy Thomas

Josy Thomas learned early on the power and importance of the Longhouse Teachings. His grandfather, Jacob Thomas, started his training at age 6 until he passed away when Josy was 17. Join us to learn how Josy used his traditional teachings to create meaningful art.

JUNE 28, 2022: BUILDING YOUR BRAND with Benny Bing

Speaker: Benny Bing

Join us in a session with Toronto based artist Benny Bing as we discuss the benefits of branding and what it takes to build a successful brand. Get the recognition you and your art deserve!


MAY 11, 2022: Success Strategies for Outdoor Art Shows

Panelist: Jamie MacLean, Kate Taylor, Marjolyn van der Hart, Nancy Bennet & Moderator: Angela Lane

Artists well experienced with outdoor art shows, will share their knowledge on how to create a booth that draws in buyers. Then we’ll hear their tips about  how to sell to the general public. The seminar will also include an opportunity to chat with the artists and share ideas.


April 13, 2022: Visual Arts Grants: The Essentials

Speakers: Sean Devine, Michael Peterson

Learn how to put together a grant application for the Canada Council for the Arts.
Sean Devine and Michael Peterson,  Program Officers from the Canada Council’s Explore and Create program will walk you through: how to create an artist profile on the Council’s portal, what types of grants are available, what to expect through the application process, and strategies for successful submissions.

We will also speak with Artists’ Network members who have received grants and to hear about their experiences with the process, the benefits and the experience overall.


February 23, 2022: Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Speakers: Angela Lane, Celine Gabrielle, Kari Serrao LEARN MORE

Hear about the experiences of three artists and get inspired to take the next bold step, understand the need to take some risks and to step outside of your comfort zone and gain practical information about how to make it happen.  Join us to hear from three artists who have taken different paths through social media, outdoor art fairs, gallery shows and social events.


February 23, 2022  –  The Gallerists Seminar

Speakers: Joan Spence, Spence Gallery; Phil Emond, Gordon Harrison Gallery; John Gagné, Gagné Contemporary

We’ve all walked past the window of a well-known gallery and pictured our art in its window. Join the Artists’ Network for an evening with a special panel of three well-known gallerists who will share their secrets on how to make that dream a reality.


January 19, 2022 (online) – Getting Your Art Show Submission Right

Speakers: Angela Lane, Professional Artist, Director ArtWalks, Artists’ Network and Kate Taylor, Professional Artist, Chair of Artists’ Network


November 17, 2021 (online) – From Frazzled to Focused: Digital Tools to Organize the Business Side of Art

Speaker: Justin Anthony, Artwork Archive


November 3, 2021 (online)  – Photographing Your Artwork

Speaker: David McClyment


October 20, 2021 (online)  – Getting Your Paid Ad Strategy Working

Speaker:  Marjolyn van der Hart


October 13, 2021 (online) – Growing Your Social Media

Speaker:  Marjolyn van der Hart


September 15, 2021 (online) – From the Studio to the Institution

Speaker: Fynn Leitch

Seminar on applying to Public Galleries and Institutions


August 11, 2021 (online) – Wisdom of Kinship: The Creative Spirit and Indigenous Art

Speakers: Diane Montreiul and Grandmother Kim Wheatley

Discussion with artists exhibiting in Wisdom of Kinship: Indigenous Art Exhibition 


June 23, 2021 (online) – Dos and Don’ts of Artist’s Statements and Applications

Speaker: David McClyment

Learn to write to get accepted to art shows.


June 9, 2021 (online) – How to Have a Great Website that Sells Your Art

Speaker:  Marjolyn van der Hart

Learn how to turn your website into an e-commerce site.


April 28, 2021 (online) – Growing Organic Traffic

Speaker:  Marjolyn van der Hart

Learn the ins and outs of keywords, SEO, hashtags and content strategy to build the organic growth of your website and social media.

April 14, 2021 (online) – Grants for Artists Seminar

Speaker: Peter Kingstone

Learn how to apply for a Toronto Art Council Grant


March 29, 2021 (online) – How to Sell  – An Art Launch Playbook for an Online Sale

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart 

Learn how to create a unique online event to sell art.


March 24, 2021 (online) – How Safe is Your Studio? Health and Safety for Artists

Speaker: John Deal

How Safe is Your Studio?  Health & Safety for Artists will help you develop a safe and healthy working practice in your studio. You may be inadvertently  exposing yourself  to  toxic and potentially harmful chemicals and situations as you create your artworks.  What are the hazards and what can you do to eliminate or reduce their impact by adjusting your practices and environment?


Feb. 24, 2021 (online) – Back by Popular Demand! Building your Online Art Business

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart 

This seminar will update your knowledge of  websites, ecommerce and provide you with the tools to build your art business online. Artist, digital marketer and Artists’ Network Board member, Marjolyn van der Hart will reprise a condensed version of the sessions from last spring with new tips and tricks to help you succeed online.  

Jan. 20, 2021 (online) – Level Up, Ladder Up

Speakers: Artists’ Network Board members

How do you become involved in our artist led network?  The Artists’ Network is your Ladder ꟷ we help artists level up their skill set to thrive and succeed in the Toronto market. Our goal is to share with you our ideas in generating a program that provides you the educational resources, tools, and opportunities to show, share and sell your art.


Nov. 11, 2020- (online) – Packaging & Shipping Art

Speakers: Mark Starling, Managing Director, PACART and Kate Taylor, Professional Artist, Chair of Artists’ Network

This seminar aims  to provide participants, like you, with a broad understanding of the process, so that in the future you will be able to organize the transport of your works with the least disruption, and your artwork arrives in one piece!.

October 20 & 22, 2020 (online) – Branding & Art: How to Communicate to Your Buyer Effectively?

Workshop Leader: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital
We are inviting you to be part of this Interactive 2 day workshop that will help find the words and language to speak directly to your buyer. This workshop is to help you with the marketing content you need to attract your followers and make them fans of your work..


September 1,  2020 (online)  –  ArtWalk iin the Square Online Store Bootcamp

Speakers: Angela Lane, Professional Artist, Director ArtWalks, Artists’ Network and Kate Taylor, Professional Artist, Chair of Artists’ Network

To help you navigate your storefront, we are hosting a walk through and Q&A on the Eventeny platform. As well, we want you to get the best experience and have outlined a number of online marketing resources and opportunities for you!


June, July, August 2020 – (online) Artist Roundtables

In these uncertain times we need each other more than ever. What a better time to meet fellow Artists’ Network members. Share online strategies, discuss your art practice and talk about life.

Bi-weekly or once a month we will host 1-hour “Artist Roundtables” on the Zoom video conferencing platform, consisting of small “pods” of artists.


June 2020 (online) – Professional Practice

Speaker: Nicole Collins


June 2020 (online) – Sharing Your Art Story

Speakers: Charmaine Lurch , visual artist and Nathalie Bertin, visual artist


June 11, 2020 (online) – Riverdale ONLINE ArtWalk MARKETING BOOTCAMP

Panel: Zoey Zoric, visual artists and visual artist, Moderator Marjolyn van der Hart, Professional Artists, Director Social Marketing Artists’ Network
Learn how to activate your social media for success!


June 2,  2020 (online) – Riverdale  ArtWalk Online Store Bootcamp

Speakers: Angela Lane, Professional Artist, Director ArtWalks, Artists’ Network and Kate Taylor, Professional Artist, Chair of Artists’ Network

To help you navigate your storefront, we are hosting a walk through and Q&A on the Eventeny platform. As well, we want you to get the best experience and have outlined a number of online marketing resources and opportunities for you!


June 2020 (online) – Paid Social Media

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital


May 2020 (online) – Organic Social Media

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital


May 2020 (online) – Optimization for E-commerce

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital


May 2020 (online) – Websites for Selling Art

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital


Feb 2020 – Writing for Artists

Speaker: Marjolyn van der Hart,VDH Digital


Jan 2020 – Grow Your Art Career!

Panel with Johanna Reynolds, Marnie Mandel, Jennifer Wigmore,