I Need Help! Coaching: SPEAKER

Alissa Sexton

Toronto Brand Photographer

Alissa Sexton is an artist consultant and curator who provides professional artists with the assistance they need to succeed in the commercial art world. By coaching through studio work, and advising on online presence, artwork pricing and market trends, her guidance has helped countless artists reach their goals and further their art businesses. One of Alissa’s specialties is creating stunning artist websites that help show off artwork in a professional manner, and allow artists to manage their own sites and promotion. Alissa is also the founder and acting curator for Artwrk Gallery, which has grown tremendously and is now one of Canada’s most active online art spaces.

Following education in art history, social psychology and museum curatorship, Alissa built her career starting in 2005 as the co-director of one of Canada’s most respected and long running contemporary galleries. Her projects included identifying market trends, recruiting talented artists, advising collectors on acquisitions, coordinating year-round exhibitions, and building artist profiles in international markets at fairs in Toronto, Miami, and London. Alissa now focuses her energy on 1-on-1 artist consultations and ensuring her clients have top-notch websites