Membership has its benefits

Among the many benefits of being a part of the Artists’ Network community, there are specific benefits that apply to submissions:

1 – Automatic Acceptance for Early Bird Members

We value our members – if you are an Artists’ Network member and have shown in the Riverdale ArtWalk in 2017, you are automatically eligible to participate in this year’s shows. You MUST be a member at the time of submission. Applies to Early Bird submissions only.

2 – Save Money!

if you are applying for both shows, your membership is basically subsidized.

3 – Join the Community!

Be a part of the internal members‐only Facebook page to share resources, discuss show ideas and more.

“All of these good things + artists come back year after year (10 years for me) because it’s one of the highlights of their season. Also – not sure if it fits, but it is visual testimony to the development of individual artists through their years of participation.”

Felicity Somerset

Simply stated they are both the most reasonably priced and well attended career builders out there.”

Dan Brambilla