Riverdale ArtWalk – AUGUST 2021

IN-PERSON Riverdale ArtWalk

Saturday, August 21, 2021: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday, August 22, 2021: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

ONLINE Riverdale ArtWalk

Friday, August 20: 9:00 AM – September 3, 6:00 PM, 2021

Dates to be confirmed with city of Toronto and receipt of 2021 permits.


This year’s exhibition will be a hybrid event of online and in-person.

Riverdale ArtWalk is a public fine art exhibition showcasing established and emerging artists in Jimmie Simpson Park part of the flourishing Queen East arts district. One of Toronto’s premier outdoor art exhibitions, participating artists are selected through an anonymous jury process, allowing for an opportunity to participate in an outdoor art show that focuses SOLELY on fine art. It has consistently been rated by local artists as one of the best organized shows in Toronto. With our intensive orientation session before the show and strong artists support, 96% of RAW artists indicated overall communications “Best Ever” or “Better than Average”, You don’t want to miss this show!

Riverdale ArtWalk Online will once again be hosted on the Eventeny platform. This will be the home to find our event map, artist profiles & stores and event calendar including in-person and virtual activities. All artists must have a Stripe account for the ONLINE store. For those artists participating in the in-person show, you will be able to turn off sales on your online show during live show hours. Please see below for examples of artist profiles:



  1. IN-PERSON Riverdale ArtWalk Submission which automatically includes Online at no additional fee.
    Please note: Due to Covid-19 protocols, there will be NO indoor spaces available for the Riverdale ArtWalk.
  2. ONLIINE Riverdale ArtWalk Submission

Submission Fee = $50 + HST

Please read our exhibition guidelines in detail before applying. The submission must be completed in full, including the payment of submission fee, to be considered.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021: Applications open
  • Sunday, February 7, 2021: Early Bird Deadline
  • Friday, March 19, 2021: Applications close
  • Friday, April 16, 2021: Notice of Acceptance and Wait List
  • Friday, April 30, 2021: Payment to confirm participation due $125 (Member) OR $175 (Non-Member)
  • Wednesday, June 30, 2021: In-Person balance payment due
  • Wednesday, May 12, 2021: Zoom Orientation for ONLINE store for Riverdale ArtWalk June show – feel free to join in. We will host another Orientation closer to show dates tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021.
  • Friday, May 14, 2021: Signed contract and waiver due
  • Tuesday, July 20, 2021: Zoom Orientation for in-person exhibition – To Be Confirmed

It’s Even Better with Membership!

Membership has its benefits! Not only can you access our education programs and seminars for FREE, there is a discounted rate for all of our outdoor shows!

Participation Fee

Riverdale ArtWalk – August, 2021 Member Non-Member
Early Bird
Deadline: 11:00pm, Sunday, February 7, 2021
NOTE: In-person fee – includes Online show participation at no additional cost
$395 +HST $495 + HST
Regular Submission
Deadline: 11:00pm, Friday, March 19, 2021
NOTE: In-person fee – includes Online show participation at no additional cost
$445 + HST $545 + HST
Late Submission
Deadline: 11:00pm, Tuesday, April 6th, 2021
NOTE: In-person fee – includes Online show participation at no additional cost
$545 + HST $645 +HST
Deadline: 11:00pm, Friday, March 19, 2021 
$125 + HST $175 + HST


  1. Please make note of when payments are due (see Important Dates above) – failure to pay by the deadlines outlined will result in your spot being forfeited. Your submission and participation will be deemed cancelled and we will contact the next artist on the Wait List. No exceptions.
  2. If for any reason the in-person show is cancelled, you agree to participate in the online show and pay the online participation fee of $125 (Member) and $175 (Non-member) plus HST. The balance of your participation fee paid will be reimbursed.
  3. In order to qualify for the membership rate, you need to be a member AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. No exceptions.

Additional Fees

Artists’ Network does not take a commission on any sales during the in-person Riverdale ArtWalk. All sales are the responsibility of the artists. Credit card processing is available onsite as part of membership.

Artists retain 100% of the sales – less transaction STRIPE fees (approx. 2.9%, plus 30 cents per transaction) and transaction fee of 5% (Eventeny). The Artists’ Network receives no commission or rebate back from any transaction fees. We recommend you add 10% to the cost of your art to cover these costs but it is up to the individual artist. Artist agrees all art posted on the Riverdale ArtWalk Online store will be sold through the store and sales not processed off line – unless items are turned off for processing by the artist during and are sold in-person at the Riverdale ArtWalk.

Other Costs

Artists are responsible for providing their own tent, grids etc. Rentals will be available. All booth spaces are 10’ x 10’. White tents are strongly encouraged. Collectives and shared booths are not permitted.

As with any retail store, you are responsible for all packaging and shipping to your customers.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

Submission fees are non-refundable. Cancellations must be made in writing to angela@artistsnetwork.ca before payment due dates (See Above). Your participation is automatically considered confirmed unless we receive a request to cancel your submission in writing or you fail to pay the participation fees as outlined. No exceptions will be made as we expect a greater than normal waitlist this year.  In the event that the City of Toronto or the Artists’ Network feels it is unsafe to host the in-person show, your participation fee will be reimbursed less the Online Riverdale ArtWalk participation fee.


Please note that this is a Fine Art Show. One of the reasons that artists like participating in the Artists’ Network outdoor shows is that we are strict with regards to only accepting Fine Art. Over the years, technology and processes have changed and we have been asked by the artist community to outline our criteria. This is not intended to limit anyone’s ability to show and sell their work, only to ensure that the high standard of art showcased by all artists is what you expect. Exhibited work must be consistent with the images submitted by the artist and must conform to the event guidelines.

All decisions on the suitability of art to be displayed made by the Artists’ Network or its representatives are final. The accepted artists are expected to co-operate fully with the Network.  Exhibitors will be monitored by the Artists’ Network and its representatives and we reserve the right to remove any questionable or non-approved art from the show. Any artist who violates the rules, is uncooperative or who demonstrate abusive behaviour may be asked to leave the show and will forfeit their right to participate in any future shows.

All work must be original and executed by the accepted artist. No functional art; mugs, bowls, posters, pillows, books, jewellery, T-shirts or other clothing or home décor is permitted.

Photographs and digital works must be signed by the artist and appropriately numbered indicating a limited number of prints of no more than 100. Only two version of each image may be displayed at a time.


  • Reproductions of non-photographic or digital work (ie – reproductions or prints of original paintings) may occupy a maximum of 15% of booth area (approximately ½ wall). They are to be numbered and labelled as reproductions. Open Editions (not numbered) are permitted; however only 1 version of each reproduction may be shown at a time. Notecards may be shown in multiples and are included within the 15% limitation.
  • Artists are permitted to have non-conforming work in a portfolio to show to prospective buyers.


  • You may include up to 30 pieces of art in the store.
  • Prints can be sold, but limited to 20% of items displayed and sold in your store. (ie 30 pieces in your store – 6 can be prints). Only one print of the same image can be displayed at any time in your online store. The store will enable you to sell multiples of the same print by indicating the number available.
  • Artists are responsible for uploading their profile and art into their online storefront
  • Artists are responsible for managing all inventory and sales, communication with the client, set shipping and handling fees and for all shipping/delivery to the client.
  • Managing your Eventeny Profile is the artists responsibility. Once the show closes artists must “unpublish” each product/artwork in their profile or “remove” the product. Once an event closes, no one can access your profile by visiting the ArtWalk event site. However, even if the event is closed, if someone has your person profile/store link, they can still access your profile and store and click on and purchase any product you have listed that you do not ‘unpublish’ or ‘remove’.

Jury Details

Riverdale ArtWalk is juried by arts professionals. They are looking for a consistent theme to the work, originality, and quality. Submitted images must be clear, sharp, and representative of what you will exhibit; rejected submissions are often due to poor quality images or photographs that have other elements (walls, frames) in the submission photo. Please be sure you follow submission requirements.


We heavily promote Riverdale ArtWalk – via social media, postcard dissemination to high income neighborhoods, a substantial digital ad campaign, online event calendars and distribute our event guide to local hotels, restaurants and retail locations. In addition, we provide artists with the tools they need to promote their participation in our shows.

Booth Selection

Booth allocation will be drawn at random in 3 batches: Early Bird, Regular Submission and Late Submission. If you have a specific request, please let us know during submission and we will attempt to place you in the best available booth that most closely matches your request when your name is drawn. Please be specific as possible (ie where booth 24 was last year vs the same spot I had last year). No guarantees of location are made and all locations are subject to change due to park conditions and COVID restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate any medical restrictions.

Artist Gallery

All accepted artists and galleries will be featured in our Online gallery and store and listed in our event guide. An Onsite Gallery will be located facing Queen Street to promote all participating artists. Each artist is encouraged to contribute a 12” x 12” piece for the gallery. This will enable visitors to navigate the park and find your booth.

Code of Conduct

Artists’ Network is committed to always act with fairness, honesty, integrity and openness; respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation. We expect the same from our artist members. We will not tolerate any abusive or threatening behaviour towards any member of our team. Refusal to comply with this policy may result in an artist being asked to leave the show.


We are optimistic that we will be able deliver a hybrid outdoor show – both online and in-person – that adheres to all COVID protocols and keeps both artists and art lovers safe. We anticipate these protocols may mean fewer tents will fit at Jimmie Simpson Park. If the City of Toronto imposes cancelation restrictions during these dates, the outdoors shows will be moved to an online version ONLY.


Please review our detailed  Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have further questions or need help with your application, please contact Angela.

“Riverdale ArtWalk has a good reputation for excellence and variety which draws more experienced art collectors as well as giving new art collectors confidence to buy from artists that are in this show. Every year I have people come back to see me. When my work, the right price point and their circumstance, come together its usually a substantial sale. This show is an investment in new and long-term relationships.”

Elva Hook