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Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 7-9pm
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About Charmaine Lurch

Charmaine Lurch is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work draws attention to human-environmental relationalities. Her paintings and sculptures are conversations on infrastructures and the spaces and places we inhabit. Working with a range of materials and reimagining our surroundings—from bees and taxi cabs to The Tempest and quiet moments of joy. Lurch connects Black life and traces movement transnationally. 

Lurch offers us materials that are familiar and subtle. Figures marked in charcoal perform dynamic movements, allowing us to visualize active presence. Paint pleases and jars vision to create new ways of seeing and knowing. Wire moves from a single line, bends, weaves, cast shadows, and is formed into structures that embody both the visible and invisible.

Lurch holds a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University, is a graduate of Sheridan College – Faculty of Visual and Creative Arts, studied at Ontario College of Art and Design University, and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work has been exhibited at: The Art Gallery of Ontario, Montreal museum of Fine Arts, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, The Liu Institute in Vancouver, Nuit Blanche Toronto, The National Gallery of Jamaica, and more.

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About Nathalie Bertin

Nathalie Bertin is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada with documented roots in Michilimackinac & Nipissing. She is of Métis, French, Anishinaabe and Omàmiwininiwak (a.k.a. Algonquin) ancestry. Bertin is a member of the Waawaashkeshi (Deer Clan).

Bertin’s art style is often described as luminescent, energetic, bold and colourful. A self-confessed “colour junkie,” she is inspired by the way light filters through stained glass windows, the layering of colours in printing processes, Woodland artists and the northern European masters.

Bertin’s current body of work focuses on positive images of indigenous people as a means of confronting their romanticized depictions as seen throughout art history. She focuses especially on the women role models who have had an impact on her. Her aim is to present a different view of indigenous people—one that is positive, powerful, knowledgeable, gentle and kind.

In addition to work as a curator, and art educator and she has completed many book illustration and commercial art projects. Nathalie Bertin’s art can be found in collections of the Government of Manitoba, Government of Alberta, corporate organizations and private collectors across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Africa.

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