Artists’ Network Community Booth at

Call for Submissions

The Artists’ Network is submitting an application for a 10×10 Community Booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (July 12-14, 2019, Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall).

The primary purpose of this booth is to promote the Artists’ Network as an organization. Toronto Outdoor Art Fair allows us to showcase the best work of our artists. We want those artists to take part in TOAF by being on hand to share their Artists’ Network experiences with visitors to the show. Like at any show, we aim to sell the work in the booth, in addition to talking up our Network.

What’s in this for you?

• Opportunity to participate in Canada’s longest running #1 outdoor juried show
• Artists’ Network is subsidizing the cost by paying a portion of the booth fee.
• Only being offered to MEMBERS
• Exposure of your work to ~100,000 people
• Curated exhibit to showcase the best work our artists produce (2 pieces per artist, maximum 36wide)
• Sit for only part of the show, not the whole weekend
• Shared workload with other artists, not doing TOAF by yourself
• Getting the experience of a big show, without the personal risk
• No submission fee and no commission if you sell
• No payment until we are confirmed by TOAF
• Minimal effort with maximum exposure!!!

Requirements for Submission:

  1. Submission deadline: January 31, 2019.
  2. Maximum 8 artists. Artists’ Network will jury all submissions for our application.
  3. Important: TOAF stipulates that nobody who is submitting to the show individually can be a part of a Community Booth submission. If you have already submitted an application to TOAF, or are planning to do so, you cannot apply to participate with the community booth.
  4. Submit 2 images total as instructed below in the submission form. Show us only your BEST work. We will be submitting your images to the TOAF; all the images we submit must pass stringent standards, i.e. no cell phone snaps. We suggest 2000px smallest dimension as they will be projected large size for our jury to review, and we know the TOAF jury does this as well. We have extensive experience reviewing submissions to our own outdoor and gallery shows and we will only include images that we would confidently accept for those.
  5. Your artwork can be up to 36″ horizontal dimension maximum, we will reject anything larger. Your actual hanging space in our booth will be approximately 36″ x 60″ vertical.
  6. Do not submit work that has already been sold. Submit work that could conceivably be available in July, i.e. current pieces.
  7. On-site attendance: Members who are selected to participate will be expected to assist in the booth for about 6 consecutive hours at least once in the 3 days. No exceptions, you must be PERSONALLY available; no sending a representative in your place. If you are not available during the show dates, please do not submit for consideration.
  8. Members will be expected to talk about the benefits of Artists’ Network membership. We will do a mini “sales training session” with our artists prior to the show so everyone is on the same page.
  9. Cost to the artists: $150 + HST.
    Note: there is no payment required yet, and we are not charging a submission fee. Artists will ONLY be charged once we have received confirmation from TOAF that our application is successful. We expect to hear by April. We will email you a PayPal invoice.

Submission Form:

1. Provide your contact information.

2. Upload 2 images. Note: file name must be FirstNameLastName-ArtworkTitle, nothing else, no abbreviations, no punctuation, no dates.

3. Write a short statement describing your art practice and a short bio describing yourself.

4. Submit it to us!

Form fields indicated * are required or you will get an error message when you click Submit. This form can not be saved, it must be completed and sent. If you have any problems with this submission process, email or call us at 416 465-0302.

1. Contact information






Social Media

2. Upload 2 images

- File formats .jpg, .jpeg, .png, 4Mb maximum, recommend 2000px on smallest side.
- File name "FirstNameLastName-ArtworkTitle"
- Each image must include all the information in the fields below. We use it for jurying, display labels, show catalogue, and promotions.

Upload Artwork 1*

Upload Artwork 2*

3. Describe your art practice

Artist's statement*, 250 characters maximum --> 0

Artist's bio*, 250 characters maximum --> 0

4. Send it to us!

After you click “Submit”, if all required fields are correct, your information and images are emailed to us.

In case of “One or more fields have an error” message, the field with error is highlighted.

The upload process can be slow, it is very important you wait for the spinning arrows below the big Submit button and you receive the pop-up message box informing you of a successful submission. Leaving this page before the pop-up message will delete all data and suspend the upload, meaning we will not receive your submission.

Another upload failure we have learned is image filenames: excessively long, i.e. mobile-phone default photo names, or filenames with punctuation, i.e. commas, periods, and apostrophes.

Safari users: we have experienced issue that the spinning arrow upload indicator never ends and you do not receive the pop-up message confirming your submission. The solution is to use other web browser or mobile phone.